The Model UN Embargoes Captain Sahír


With the holidays approaching, I finally had a moment to play my first solo game in ages. The Model UN absolutely crushed Captain Sahír and his henchmen at the City of Corsairs. His piracy days are over after any army of 17 Dwarves crushed him into dust.

dwarven-sellswordThis version of the deck was even more aggressive than the original, including 3 copies of The Seeing-stone. As crazy as it might seem to include this card, it ended up being clutch because I could spend all of the resources from my heroes to avoid many of the forced effects that trigger when Corsairs engage. Then, when I was ready to counter-attack, I could gaze into my Palantir to fetch Legacy of Númenor to give me resources to pay for effects like Erebor Record-keeper. As expected, Dwarven Sellsword was clutch questing and attacking for 3 in his only turn in play (I never paid to keep them in play, as they are simply included to fuel the engine).

This deck is by far the most aggressive I’ve ever built – I was at 48 threat at the beginning of the second refresh phase. Aragorn returned me to my (relatively) more reasonable 32 starting threat and then Galadriel helped keep my threat under control (and provide more card draw) for the rest of the game. Two undefended attacks to my ships meant that I had to place 12 damage on my allies when I progressed to stage 2 but my army toughed it out the rest of the way. Dwarves sure are a hearty lot.

Zigil MinerAt that point I had so much action advantage over the encounter deck it was absurd. Even though I had to chump block the larger enemies (I can’t afford to risk losing a hero with a tri-sphere deck), I way playing 3 or 4 new allies each round. Imladris combined with Zigil Miners and Legacy of Durin is just silly. I had so much willpower that I actually mined away both of copies of Sword that was Broken because I didn’t need the questing help. The action advantage of Galadriel paired with Dwarves is really incredible.

While this deck is absurd in it’s power-level (when it can survive the first few rounds), it did feel necessary for this quest. I worry that most traditional decks won’t stand a chance the way the quest just barrages you from every angle. If I feel like taking a less broken deck against it, I will probably try this again in easy mode. For an interesting, and much more consistent solution to this quest, check out Ian’s latest Beorn-related deck, Ramming Speed. Not only is that deck a lot of fun to play, but it is also quite effective against Siege of Annúminas. I turned to it for our eventual victory at the Austin Fellowship event on Saturday.

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