Arkham LCG Card Search and A Call For Support


With the release of Arkham Horror: The Card Game almost nigh, I have been a busy bear. As some may have noticed, the Hall of Beorn card search has expanded to include both of Fantasy Flight’s Cooperative Living Card Games. You can find the Arkham Horror Card Search (still a work in progress) on its own section of the site. My apologies for letting things here hibernate for a bit, but life has simply become too busy to work on all of my projects at once. I have a few different articles in draft form, but writer’s block seems to haunt me with its inexorable visage whenever I sit down to prepare an article for release. This blog has always been an outlet for me to enjoy writing about a game that I love – turning writing into a burdensome obligation would defeat its entire purpose. My hope is that with a bit of time away from writing I can return rejuvenated, with fresh ideas and a new perspective.

I am joining in the effort to bring the Arkham Horror LCG to OCTGN, and my software development skills can be put to good use there. It would be a shame for this space to lay dormant while my travels take me elsewhere, so I want to reach out to the community to ask for help. If you have article ideas, deck lists, play reports, satirical rants against those who lust for power, or anything else which might be of interest to players, please contact me about being a guest contributor. There are so many strong voices within the community and we all benefit from a diversity in our media.

Traffic on the Hall of Beorn Card Search continues to grow – predictions of the game’s demise remain premature. However, Patreon donations have diminished to the point where there is a considerable shortfall to cover hosting costs each month. With the addition of support for the Arkham Horror LCG, traffic will only increase. For those who enjoy having access to a powerful and convenient card search engine for The Lord of the Rings, or will appreciate having those same features for Arkham Horror, I invite you to become a Patron. Even the smallest contributions can have a great impact when people rally together. I am humbled and grateful to all of my patrons for helping me to play a part in such a fine community.

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15 Responses to Arkham LCG Card Search and A Call For Support

  1. edvandofilho says:

    Tom Howard “GeckoTH” is already working on a octgn plugin.

  2. D4rkWolf10 says:

    Are there actual rumors of the game being discontinued soon? This would make me so sad since I just learned about the game and acquired all the sets this year 😦

    • Beorn says:

      No, to my knowledge there are no actual rumors of the game ending. There is at least one more saga expansion and an entire deluxe and cycle already announced. This game looks to have a long life.

  3. Gizlivadi says:

    Wait, is this the first time we’ve seen a panda only image in HallofBeorn? I tend to associate Beorn with a good ol’ grizzly.

  4. Xavier O'Donnell says:

    How does one install the Arkham Octgn plugin? I’ve downloaded but no idea from here and used octgn quite a lot.

  5. ratel says:

    Hi there. The Southside Historical Society is missing a back of the card. Great job btw!

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