Community Deck Spotlight: Defenders of Annuminas

Bear Light

I want to thank my Grey Company compatriot Ian, over at Tales from Cards, for developing this segment. When it comes to community, the variety of voices adds to the value of the conversation. So I am shamelessly stealing his idea. RingsDB has taken the community by storm and has become the place to go for deck lists. With only four slots to highlight new decks, it can be difficult for players to get exposure for their best deck ideas. Those of us with blogs and podcasts or a presence on the forums have a decided advantage when it comes to getting recognition.

There are so many great decks on RingsDB, but without the added exposure it will always be a challenge for intrepid deck-builders to receive much-deserved accolades. With that in mind, I am going to follow Ian’s lead and start highlighting some these hidden gems from RingsDB. I’ve taken the same rules that Ian uses in his segment:

  • The decks I choose will generally have fewer than 5 likes.
  • I will avoid decks from prominent community contributors.
  • The decks I choose will have a write-up/description of some kind.

Erkenbrand-TAC-smallThe first community deck that I want to draw attention to is Defenders of Annuminas by Relmbob. I’ve always had a soft spot in my giant furry heart for mono-Leadership decks so this choice should come as little surprise. Erkenbrand fits well with the Dúnedain, helping to manage the onslaught of enemies. The aggressive nature of the deck is what I like best. Liberal use of Legacy of Númenor and powerful mono-only effects like Reinforcements and Strength of Arms are going to make this deck an absolute monster in the late game. The prospect of playing a Reinforcements to pull Gandalf and Beorn into play on the same turn is a particular delight to this old bear.

Head on over and check out Relmbob’s deck description. He built the deck in preparation for the upcoming GenCon quest and I look forward to hearing back about how it fares. In general I want to encourage readers to give a look to the recent decks on RingsDB. You just might find your new favorite deck. If not for all of the wonderful people in this community, I would not have started this blog, nor created a search engine or joined my friends in the Grey Company. Any time is a good time to give thanks, so let me voice my appreciate to everyone in the community. I love you all.

Bear Hug

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3 Responses to Community Deck Spotlight: Defenders of Annuminas

  1. Relmbob says:

    Wow, I was startled to see my deck featured in your blog. Thanks! I’ll let you know how it fares at Gen Con.

    • Beorn says:

      Gen Con is a great experience – I encourage you to meet Ian, and Derek, and all of the other fine members of the community. Good luck and safe travels!

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