Bear on Board


For the first time in ages, I was able to play a game on OCTGN with a fellow member of the Grey Company. Tonight, Derek and I narrowly prevented the Flight of the Stormcaller. Derek used For Gondor!, a deck designed by Matt Newman and outlined in the most recent spoilers of Temple of the Deceived. I must say that it is exciting to see the Leadership Gondor archetype come together.

I was piloting a deck called Party Animals, that is my own twist on one originally designed by Sean from Cardboard of the Rings. It was an exciting game, with our forces racing to catch the eponymous ship before we were overcome by an onslaught of nautical foes. The jury is still out on Lanwyn – her ability never triggered in this game. Still, ranged on a Spirit hero is very helpful, and she will obviously be much more consistent in three and four player games.

Flight of the Stormcaller with Derek 6-21-2016

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6 Responses to Bear on Board

  1. Gizlivadi says:

    Sometimes I wonder if you’ll ever be unabe to find a picture of a bear suitable to whatever article you’re writing.

  2. Ecthelion III says:

    Man, I got my hopes up that there was a video! 😦

  3. Maese Oso (Master Bear),

    Is my idea, or the new event Last Stand, can be used with Beorn Hero?

    • Beorn says:

      Tienes un buen ojo. Even if Beorn’s immunity somehow prevented this (which I don’t believe it does), he is out of play by the time you play the response, so his immunity no longer applies. 5 damage to an enemy for zero cost is quite powerful. Now I am curious to come up with a deck that uses Last Stand and Landroval (one after the other). Beorn puede estar en misa y repicando.

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