The Game is Dying


  1. RingsDB is Too Good

    After 5 years, we finally have an excellent site for deckbuilding and sharing. RingsDB has taken the community by storm. Most people would see this as a clear sign of the health of the community – a promise for a better future. They’re wrong. The arrival of RingsDB is the last good thing before everything falls apart.

  2. The Saga Expansions are Nearly Complete

    We have 4 of the 6 saga expansions already released with one more on the way in the next few months. The scenarios are only getting more exciting, and we have yet to see the climatic battles of Pelennor Fields and Cormallen, not to mention the final destruction of the One Ring! Still, rather than see this as the culmination of an epic tale I recognize it for what it truly is: the end of everything. Just like the events of the The Lord of the Rings brought a close to the Third Age, the Saga expansions will be the end to this fine game.

  3. Three Elven Rings is All We Need

    With the release of Narya in The Grey Havens, we finally have a player card for each of the Elven Rings of Power. With the rings released, there are no cards left to release. The game is done, we can all go home.

  4. The Game’s Popularity Only Grows

    The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game remains one of FFG’s best-selling products. From its inception the game has been a near-constant presence on the Board Game Geek The Hotness list. Our local Austin LotR group has been growing again and has been going strong for years. I and other blog-writers in the community continue to receive correspondence from new players who have found the game, and love it just as we do. Still, this is all a sure sign that FFG will discontinue the game at any minute. It’s the only logical thing for them to do with such a popular game.

  5. Seastan Literally Broke the Game

    This is why we can’t have nice things, Chris. As some of you may know, Chris (aka Seastan) has a penchant for making decks that bend – or in some cases break – the balance of the game. Most players appreciated his creative designs and innovative take on under-utilized cards. Few saw his decks as the threat that they were. His decks have not only broken the game, but they have broken the designer’s will to continue making it. Any day now, FFG will announce that Caleb and Matt are on indefinite leave, a well-earned sabbatical on which they can recover from the psychic damage inflicted by Seastan’s deck designs. Thanks for nothing, Seastan!

  6. The Discord Channel is a Hit

    The new discord channel that Cardboard of the Rings started is bringing the community together on a level of that none of the forums ever could. Players from around the world are sharing their thoughts on the meta-game, strategies for the latest quests, deckbuilding tips, and creating a friendly environment. It’s too bad that this welcoming community of like-minded people as about to disperse. Just like gravity, the evidence that the game is dying is incontrovertible. It’s best that we all just accept it and prepare to move on to better games.

  7. Still No FFG News Updates

    Here it is, the first day of April, and we still don’t have any news about the game on the FFG website. Do they think we’re stupid? It’s as plain as day to anyone who is paying attention that the game has been cancelled and they just don’t have the heart to break the news to the players. I for one hope that they tell us soon, while there’s still time for us to sell all of our cards and become Magic players.

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11 Responses to The Game is Dying

  1. New countries are joining to the game, that must be a reason to close the game. The over population of players collapses the printers of FFG, so they won’t hire no more workers for that job. And some guy called D. Trump will buy the company.

  2. Finally, someone who is able to see through all the hype and is brave enough to report the truth. Hats off to you, sir

  3. Jason P King says:

    Bahaha. Nice try. Well played though.

  4. JJ48 says:

    Not to kill the mood of the joke or anything, but I DID just get into LotR LCG recently, and I’ve noticed that every card game I start collecting tends to end shortly after (Decipher’s Star Wars CCG, Decipher’s Lord of the Rings CCG, L5R, and even games like Dominion and Sentinels of the Multiverse have pretty much ended).

    …maybe I need to start playing Magic, so game stores can finally be rid of it…

  5. JHG Hendriks says:

    You had me for about 3 seconds!

    Good one 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the day

  6. Glowwyrm says:

    8. Too Many Good Ideas
    The latest deluxe expansion and event quests show that the designers have lots of new and creative ideas. There’s loads of design space for new player cards and quests that could keep the game alive for years. So it’s the perfect time to quit while they’re ahead.

  7. David Macara says:

    Oh you arse. Had me for a good 5 mins.

  8. Morgan Muhlestein says:

    With regards to point 6 on your list, I just have to say that while the MLP CCG is a fine game, it would be incorrect to label it as being superior to the LotR LCG.

  9. Jonghoon Lee says:

    I started playing this game 3 years ago but I couldn’t play so often. But I Love this game.
    I only have core deck cycles + Khazadum+some saga expansions(still not opened), and now I’m opening the new expansion boxes one by one whenever I have enough time, and it is so joyful.
    Even though still there are so many APs and deluxe expansions (and even nightmares), I am so sad to hear that you are saying that the doom is coming to this game. I really hope you are wrong on this (while I really like your blog). Hope this game lasts for ever because I am dreaming of playing this game with my 1 year-old son when he gets old enough because now I am only playing solo…..

    • Beorn says:

      Greetings, Jonhoon Lee. This article was satire that I posted for April 1st (a silly American tradition). I don’t actually think that the game is dying – on the contrary it is as strong as ever. I have no doubt that you will be able to enjoy this game with your son as he grows older. Good luck!

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