Support The Hall of Beorn Card Search on Patreon

As the game grows in popularity, the Hall of Beorn Card Search is receiving more visitors every month. It is great for the game, and it is exciting to see the community around the game grow and mature. This also comes with a cost. Specifically, it costs money to host the search engine. I have started a Patreon account to help cover the hosting costs of the site. If you find the search engine useful, all that I ask is for $1 a month. This helps me to keep content up to date and continue adding new features. Thanks for your support!

Support me on Patreon!

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4 Responses to Support The Hall of Beorn Card Search on Patreon

  1. You’re lucky my blog (like many other community resources) depends almost entirely upon your card search 😛

    Of course I only kid. Very excited to have the opportunity to support the card search. Happy Friday!

  2. Chad says:

    I supported the second I saw this….no free-loaders! Give the bear his honey and support his work!

  3. Grant Ellis says:

    100% Support from myself and the WWPD Fellowship does for sure.

    I still remember my first Hall of Beorn experience.
    I needed to find a Leadership-Sphere Dwarf Ally to supplement my questing ability and I was introduced to the Longbeard Elder, who was part of my card pool.

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