Bear Draft was a hit with the Austin LotR Group

Austin LotR Draft 6-11-2015
For the second week in a row, we tried out a modified version of the Bear Draft format at our weekly Austin LotR Group. This time we had 6 players participate in the draft, followed by two 3-player games. One group chose Conflict at the Carrock and was able to navigate their decks past the trolls to victory. The other group was quite a bit more ambitious and tackled Escape from Dul Guldur. Had it not been for Éomer being held prisoner in the dungeons they may have escaped, but losing one of their best attackers was a bit too much for the players to overcome. Still, everyone found the draft format thoroughly enjoyable, and players were able to build some very strong decks.  I can’t wait to run an 8-player draft at our Grey Company listener event at Gen Con 2015 this year. For the curious, the hero lineups were as follows:

Group #1
Eowyn, Balin and Mablung
Legolas, Frodo and Nori
Beorn, Thalin and Theodred

Group #2
Sam Gamgee, Pippin (Lore) and Celeborn
Eomer, Halbarad and Galadriel
Aragorn (Lore), Bifur and Dwalin

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2 Responses to Bear Draft was a hit with the Austin LotR Group

  1. Grant Ellis says:

    I’m hosting a LOTR-LCG event in Williamsburg, VA soon. The Bear Draft may need to be utilized.

    • Beorn says:

      That’s great to hear. It was a real hit at Gen Con, so I’m sure that players will enjoy it in Williamsburg. One other tweak that I made for Gen Con was to allow both teams to start the game with a copy of Gather Information in play to start the game. This helps with some of the inconsistency of draft decks. Let me know if you have any questions.

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