Epic Victory Defending Helm’s Deep from The Treason of Saruman!

Helm's Deep - 3 Player Victory

To give an idea of just how punishing this scenario is in multiplayer, this is a photo of the staging area on the round that we were victorious in a three player game. Of all the (non-Nightmare) quests that I’ve played, this is probably the most challenging. Still, victory is that much sweeter after overcoming such an overwhelming onslaught. Healing, Eleanor for Devilry of Saruman, Galadriel for threat control, Boromir loaded with attachments, and Treebeard and Éowyn questing all helped contribute to the win. What an amazing quest!

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7 Responses to Epic Victory Defending Helm’s Deep from The Treason of Saruman!

  1. Numbermonger says:

    Are those the FF art sleeves?

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, the encounter cards are sleeved with FFG “Eye of Sauron” art sleeves. I do this because the FFG sleeves are heavy weight, so I don’t notice the difference in card weight when I mix POD Nightmare cards into an encounter deck.

      • Numbermonger says:

        I use opaque sleeves as well for that reason. I can spot the difference on the card back without even picking it up.

  2. lleimmoen says:

    It is one of the reasons I stopped getting PoD stuff. I can live with buying all the regular quests, together with sleeves for player cards. But to sleeve encounter cards would be getting too expensive. They should have all three modes (easy, regular, nightmare) within the single pack, and make the packs a bit more expensive but of one quality.

  3. Steve says:

    I won this one solo, and agree it is verry challenging, several times there were only a couple of cards that could come to save me from the encounter deck, a lot of them would have sunk me. I like how sometimes you have to let the Encounter deck make a little but not too much progress, thinking maybe late adventurer and dont be hasty might be useful on that stage. All in all it does feel truly epic.

  4. How are enemies and The Defense of Helm’s Deep still in the staging area at the end? Don’t you have to kill all enemies to win, and isn’t TDoHD added to the victory display?

    • Beorn says:

      This was from the end of the quest phase on the round we won. I neglected to move TDoHD out of the staging area and into our “victory display” at the edge of the table. Considering the complexity of this scenario, we did a good job of triggering all of the effects and we didn’t make too many mistakes.

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