Helms Deep Falls to an Onslaught of Uruk-hai

Helm's WTF

After a hard-fought battle, Matthew and I finally succumbed to a veritable army of Urak-hai at the Battle of Helm’s Deep. It is telling of a major shift in the relative power of enemies that even when I wanted to use Boromir to make one final sacrifice, I would have been unable to even damage most of my enemies because of their toughness. Still, it was a very enjoyable quest and I look forward to designing a multiplayer deck with the specific goal of surviving this challenge. As always, keep an eye out for our Twitch stream (and blame any mistakes on me playing at midnight after a long day at work).

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9 Responses to Helms Deep Falls to an Onslaught of Uruk-hai

  1. Steven A says:

    The Boromir/Toughness issue is also somewhat ironic, given that Toughness first appeared in Breaking of the Fellowship, so Boromir’s second ability doesn’t work properly when playing out the very events it was designed to represent…

    • Beorn says:

      An excellent point. I haven’t used Boromir against Breaking of the Fellowship, so I never ran into that, but there is a certain irony to that interaction.

      • Michael says:

        Well, not only Aragorn was missing but also the 1 encounter card per player to be revealed at Stage 2A. Maybe these two points would have cancelled each other out to some extent. 😉

  2. This quest solo is BRUTAL… the ennemies are so tough, and questing gets out of hand fast! I’m thinking about going solo two-handed… Seems like LOTR LCG is becoming less of a solo affaire….

  3. Philkav says:

    After watching the start of the stream VOD on Twitch, I got to ask : where was Fellowship Aragorn ?

    • Beorn says:

      The card was not included in the OCTGN set, so we played without him. Matthew and I discussed how missing Aragorn made the quest more difficult, though I doubt that he would have made the difference between victory and defeat.

      • Michael says:

        Oops, my comment on the missed cards from above should actually go here. Mistakes over mistakes… 😀

  4. Finduin says:

    Tactics shenanigans are trembling against the Mighty Uruk-Hai. Thalin, Citadel Spear and Gondor Spearman, etc. are useless

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