Beware the Spirits of the Deadmen’s Dike

Deadmen's Dike - Derek, Dan and Chris #1 - small

After a long hiatus from online play, tonight I had the pleasure to play a three player game with Derek and friend of the show, Chris S. Our quest to escape from Deadmen’s Dike ended in tragedy for the ranger Iârion, but it was still a lot of fun. This quest reminds me a bit of Into Ithilien in that it is masochistically difficult and requires a different kind of deck design but it does reward strategic play. Overall I must say that I am really enjoying the quests from The Lost Realm. Hopefully I will have the chance to play some Treason of Saruman this weekend.

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5 Responses to Beware the Spirits of the Deadmen’s Dike

  1. I,m just about to sit down and take on this quest again, all my attempts so far, have ended in failure! I have beaten all of the quests in the two new de lux expansions except this one. I’m no great deck builder, but I’ll keep trying, the last quest I had so much trouble with was the nin in eilph! Somehow these quests are the most satisfying to beat though.

    • Beorn says:

      So far, I have only managed to beat this quest one time in multiplayer (and that was by the narrowest of margins), so I know where you’re coming from. I will say that I was able to beat it fairly easily solo by using an updated version of my Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe deck. With 19 starting threat, I was able to avoid engaging most of the enemies. I basically just rushed through the quest and stopped using my card draw effects after the first few rounds.

      Avoiding engagement and combat was key, because most of the enemies in this quest have effects that trigger when they engage or attack. The two treacheries that I would focus on canceling are Dark Sorcery and Unnatural Fog. Having Condition removal for Heavy Curse is also a good idea, otherwise you can just complete the current quest as quickly as possible. Later in the game, the When Revealed effect on Cursed Dead can also be game-ending. My strategy was basically to build up an army of allies and then swarm Thaurdir once I advanced to the second stage. From there, you can quest rush to victory (and watch out of Unnatural Fog). Good luck!

  2. Truls Lundgren says:

    This is indeed a hard scenario. I haven’t tried playing solo (usually 2 or 4 players), but avoiding combat isn’t really an option when playing this 2-players. Our solution to this one was, more or less as always, one strong (mono spirit) quest deck, and one strong (mono tactics) combat deck. The key was to try and “reverse” the combat phase as much as possible, using cards like Hands upon the bow, Swift strike, Quick strike etc. Also, Support of the Eagles combined with Ranged and Sentinel gives you a bit of strength.

  3. EricF says:

    Maybe this quest is when The End Comes?

  4. Truls Lundgren says:

    That may actually be a good idea. Or you could try Thicket of Spears. The key combat cards for me were Support of the Eagles and a couple of cheap eagle allies. The Spear of the Citadel on a Gondorian Spearman also takes good care of those 2HP-enemies. And having Mablung as one of my heroes (along with Beregond and Bard the Bowman) pretty much makes sure you always have that extra resource for a Feint or to keep that Winged Guardian.

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