Contest: Unicorn Power

Unicorn-4It’s that time again – time for a new contest! From my various photos here and on The Grey Company podcast Facebook page, many readers may notice that I enjoy using some rather “unique” card sleeves. While the more thematically inclined might see this as blasphemy, there is a method to the madness. As a giant anthropomorphized bear, I enjoy absurdity in all its forms.

Besides tickling my sense of humor, these sleeves also serve a purpose. In a four-player game – with attachments getting passed around the table – it can be easy to forget and accidentally keep other players’ cards after the game ends. When other players see a rainbow-backed unicorn or rampant kitten resplendent among their cards, it serves as a good reminder that those cards did not originate from their deck.

For those that enjoy these silly sleeves, this is the contest for you. Others may shake their head in wonderment, puzzling at what ailment of the mind could possibly have overcome the poor bear. In that case, you will probably want to pass on this particular adventure. Your time will be better spent on your Tengwar to Valmaric dictionary anyway. As wise and powerful as they are, elves have always been a bit too austere and self-serious for my liking.

Unicorn Power Comic

The premise of this contest is simple: we’re looking for a fun game photo. Enter your favorite, most epic, funniest, or otherwise most interesting photo for the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. It can be a photo of an actual game, or – for you wizards who Scry through your Palantiri – a screenshot from OCTGN or Card Warden. Post a link to the photo (and an optional caption) in the comments below. If the photo is not hosted anywhere online, you can send it attached to an email and I will post it for you here. The contest runs until midnight next Friday, April 3rd. Once the deadline passes, I will use my highly-scientific method (hint: it involves mead and a bag of rocks) to determine my favorite photo. The winner will receive one pack of Unicorn Power sleeves (featured in the image at top) shipped anywhere in the world. Good luck, and I look forward to your epic game photos.

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4 Responses to Contest: Unicorn Power

  1. Beorn says:

    Here is a submission by Grant “pfcamygrant” Ellis:

    Four player game, almost ended two marriages.
    Final Stage of A Knife In The Dark.

  2. Beorn says:

    Here is a submission by Manuel “enmemoria81”:

    Navigating the Anduin (Through Middle Earth League)

    Not too epic picture, but exciting as it is part of my first ventures into the current Spanish league of lotr lcg by

  3. Beorn says:

    Here is a submission by Alistair:

    I thought I would be able to get in a game of Encounter at Amon Din while my daughter was playing. I had both my decks shuffled and first hands drawn (two handed solo player here), I had the encounter deck shuffled and the first cards in the staging area. I even had my first player token ready with the round counter (a D12) on it. But that was all too much excitement for her. I use dice to track resources, wounds, progress and such, and she likes to play with them. Seeing the dice on Daddy’s cards was an extra treat. She gathered up all my heroes, took dice from them, gave dice back to them, shuffled heroes, dealt heroes, and pretty much ensured that I could only get through one turn before everything was in such a clutter that a game was impossible. Ah, such is life. Perhaps one day I’ll have a little strategist at the table with me, and we can proceed to conquer quests hand-in-hand.

    And for the record, I smashed EaAD that night, and again the following night. On to AaO!

  4. Beorn says:

    Here is a late entry by Matt and his son Noah that I would like to share with everyone:

    My son and I had a fun run through Shadows of the Past, this is the end state. We were a bit off theme but we thought if the ring were so important it should have been guarded by most of the White Council as well as the Rangers. With Aragorn as the Steward of Gondor and two Errand Riders my deck was feeding the Elrond/Gandalf engine of my son’s deck.

    We were really happy to get the all the families involved – Elrond, Arwen, Elrohir, Elladan (and future husband, son/brother in law Aragorn); Denethor and Faramir (no Boromir); Bilbo and Frodo.

    You’ll note three Galadriel’s in my son’s discard pile. She was somewhat like the dinner guest who wouldn’t leave, she showed up three turns in a row. Fortunately, she brought plenty of gifts and that willpower, well, it can be very beneficial.

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