Contest: Master of Lore’s Battle of Five Armies Custom Card

Bear-Drop-Front-FaceThe Master of Lore is running a contest to create a custom card for The Battle of (the) Five Armies movie. I encourage everyone to head on over and submit their entries. I have included my entry here, as my formal protest of my exclusion from the movie.

For anyone who has already seen the film, this card will be immediately recognizable. How Peter Jackson could pass on having a giant angry bear knock out hordes of Goblins is beyond me. The less said about that travesty the better.

To be sure, there are some things that I liked about the movie. Still some of the changes – particularly omissions – where quite puzzling. Let me just take this opportunity to thank the designers of our beloved Game. Caleb and Matt’s dedication to the game is much appreciated. Questionable adaptations like this movie only underscore the attention to detail that we benefit from in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

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6 Responses to Contest: Master of Lore’s Battle of Five Armies Custom Card

  1. It’s beyond me as well. I guess he may have felt that adding Beorn would mean there is “too much cg”. Doubt it tho.

  2. Fouilloux says:

    Maybe in th extend version? No kidding that’s really what I am hoping for.

  3. diedertk says:

    Was it two seconds? I guess 1:21 millisecond.. How could a filmmaker think: well, people won’t really like a giant bear who kills a lot of Orcs. Man… And atop of an Eagle.. One hell of a bomb

  4. sierratrees says:

    I laughed so hard at that card. It’s just perfect, Beorn!

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