Contest Winner: Heroic Deeds


It’s time to announce the winner of the Heroic Deeds contest. There were some truly epic stories, it makes it very difficult to choose who wins the copy of Fog on the Barrow-downs and the alternate Art Aragorn card. After reading all of entries, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is Marty J Thom!

I enjoyed his tale of Lure of the Ring run amuck in a game of Shadows of the Past. We all can relate to the feeling of terror as a seemingly assured victory suddenly transforms into a disaster. His hobbits and elves barely managed to escape the clutches of the Black Riders that pursued them, and he now has an opportunity to travel into the Barrow-downs. His story is provided below. Congratulations to Marty, and thanks to everyone who entered. May you all have happy and safe holidays with your friends and loved-ones!

bear print

Not sure if this counts as bravery, or dumb luck in the face of foolishness and naivety, but here is my tale. I have only the core set and the black riders and road darkens expansions to draw my decks from, and was about to complete, for the first time, the first quest of campaign mode. My two decks were a Spirit/Lore combo with Fatty, Pippin and Glorfindel, and a Tactics/Leadership deck with Sam, Merry and Aragorn. After 8 rounds, and a few threat bumps, player 1, Spirit/Lore, was sat on 36 threat, while player 2 was on 35. The Buckleberry Ferry was finally the active location, and the staging area was empty. Victory was in sight, and I must confess, I lost my head in my excitement.

I had gone all in for a final push to explore the ferry, commuting a total of 13 quest points, with Glorfindel, Gildor, Sam, Aragorn, and Frodo all committed. Player 1 draws ‘Crawling Towards Him’. Not wanting to fail the hide test and remove 8 from my quest, Frodo slips on the ring. The redraw brings out ‘Lure of the Ring’. Threat to 39. Surge brings out the second copy. Threat to 42. Surge brings out ‘Black Steed’. It is discarded, as there are no Nazgul in play. But it surges, and with it comes the third ‘Lure of the Ring’. Threat on 45. By this point I am panicking. What was a comfortable Threat margin has quite quickly ramped up to borderline terrifying. At this point, Fatty is weeping in the fetal position, while Glorfindel and Gildor are looking on edge. The surge brings out ‘Hunting for the Ring’. Doomed 2. Threat 47. Hide 2 Test. Merry and Boromir commit, scraping past for Deck 2. Deck 1 puts forward Pippin and Fatty. Success. Finally, player 2 reveals an encounter card. Evil Crow. The Ferry is explored. The game is won. As my heroes cross the river, the feeling of relief which was growing in the hearts is quelled by the call of some cruel bird upon the far bank. A reminder that their passing was not unnoticed, and the enemy hunts them still.

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3 Responses to Contest Winner: Heroic Deeds

  1. MartyJThom says:

    Thank you! Is there an email address I can send my details to?

  2. Gwaihir the Windlord says:

    My sincerest congratulations to the winner; that was a close call indeed.

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