The Grey Company at The Battle of Five Armies

The Grey Company - The Battle of Five Armies

After four rounds of epic struggle, The Grey Company succumbed to an onslaught of Goblins and Wargs in our Twitch streaming of The Battle of Five Armies. Thanks to everyone who took part in this event. The video of this session is now available online. I remain cautiously optimistic that our favorite Bear will have a marquee role in the upcoming movie, but I cannot completely shake off my skepticism.

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9 Responses to The Grey Company at The Battle of Five Armies

  1. I found your site through “Couple Vs. Cardboard” and I’m glad to enjoy the LotR LCG vicariously through your adventures!

    I’m looking forward to the video posting; there’s something awesome about an LCG being up with Halo, CoD and other video game streams. Thanks!

    • Beorn says:

      I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog. Hopefully the video turned out ok – we are still working through some technical issues with Open Broadcast System and Twitch.

  2. Tonskillitis says:

    Spoiler alert: Beorn appears in a single scene in the cinematic cut of the new Hobbit film. Egregious is the word. Even extensive scenes in the extended edition would not compensate for this travesty… It’s like PJ just couldn’t find time in the 3 hr runtime to squeeze in a few more shots of the majestic bear wreaking havoc on the goblin hordes!

  3. Kjeld says:

    Is that a custom Thranduil hero on the board?

    • Beorn says:

      Ian took Celeborn and gave it a custom Thranduil image. It is not a custom hero per se because he played it exactly as Celeborn is played – he just wanted to make his elves a bit more thematic.

  4. Glaurung says:

    was amazing video….. but on part 3 was cut….. really enjoy it… you should to make a more videos lie this and use a Nmode. that will be epic!

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