The Grey Company Was Sadly Unable to Discover Celebrimbor’s Secret

4 Player Celebrimbor's Secret

Tonight we tested streaming our OCTGN games over Twitch. Each of the members of The Grey Company was on hand for an interesting – if not successful – attempt to discover Celebrimbor’s Secret. The video will be online shortly, and provides evidence of just how brutally difficult this quest is in multi-player. We gave our patrons an exclusive look at this stream as we were recording it, and we look forward to providing more videos for all of our listeners in the future.

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4 Responses to The Grey Company Was Sadly Unable to Discover Celebrimbor’s Secret

  1. Dalinair says:

    Never played 4 player before, do you find it a struggle with locations when you can only travel to 1 at once it loads come out?

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, location-control becomes one of the most important aspects of the game when you are revealing 2-3 locations per round, but can only travel to one of them. If we try this scenario again 4-player we will make changes to our decks to include more willpower and location-control.

  2. I’ve just been playing 2 handed solo with a Dunhere, Glorfindel (spirit), Galdriel deck, paired with a Celeborn, Haldir, Mirlonde silvan deck. Dunhere is boosted to 7 with spear of the mark, he pairs really well with Haldir, as both can attack the staging area, the low starting threat and mostly high threat allies really works well. I included Asfaloth – but the mount never showed, some Northern trackers might also be usefull in a future build, though this card is somewhat neutralised by the Broken Lands location.

    • Beorn says:

      Yeah, multiple forms of location control are a must for this scenario, because of multiple locations that either neutralize or punish Northern Tracker. I don’t know if we will attempt this quest again 4-player, but if we do we will definitely bring more location control and willpower.

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