The Hobbits Overcome Bellach, and Discover Celebrimbor’s Secret

Celebrimbor's Secret-small

Thanks to some invaluable help from Gandalf and Elrond, the Hobbits had no trouble taking out Bellach and discovering Celebrimbor’s Secret. By exploring locations as quickly as possible, and optionally engaging enemies with the Scour effect, I was able to mitigate Bellach’s ability and avoid any game-ending rounds. From there, it was just a matter of using mustering effects to build an army and scrying from Henamarth to plan each round carefully.

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5 Responses to The Hobbits Overcome Bellach, and Discover Celebrimbor’s Secret

  1. Love the Unicorn sleeves. 🙂

  2. sierratrees says:

    I have to 2nd. Those are epic unicorn sleeves!

  3. Ian says:

    Haha I have those same ones. The Cat ones of “Run and Be Free” are also epic if you have seen them. Nice win, do you have your Hobbit decklist posted somewhere? Id love to see how it is

    • Beorn says:

      Yeah, I have those sleeves on another deck. 🙂

      This deck is a modified version of my Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe deck. I’ve added in some new cards like ally Boromir and Lembas. At some point I will post an updated deck list, but the basic idea is the same as what I posted in the original article. It is all about using mustering effects like Timely Aid, A Very Good Tale, Sneak Attack and Elf-stone to field an army of powerful allies. The heroes have good synergy with each other, and allow you to avoid engaging most enemies until you are ready to handle them.

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