Boromir Laughs At Dunlendings!

Boromir the Boss

After a truly awful day at the mines, it made everything a little better to dominate The Dunland Trap solo with my Super-Eagle deck.

Beorn, Boromir (Tactics) and Éowyn all played their roles to perfection. By the end of the game, Boromir had the following:

Gondorian Fire, Gondorian Shield, Blood of Númenor, and Support of the Eagles.

The one ally that kept in stage 2 was an Eagles of the Misty Mountains, which was 2/5/5 thanks to all of his friends being discarded. That has to be a record: even with Turch getting chaining shadow cards and attacking for 8 Boromir was laughing it off and defending for 12. Even multiple attacks did’t matter since he can ready as long as I have threat left. Pro Tip: Boromir is a boss.



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4 Responses to Boromir Laughs At Dunlendings!

  1. Yea, I really need to try Tactics Boromir. I’ve had 5 eagles attached to an EotMM before, which was pretty boss. Legolas could kill anything, but sadly couldn’t ready like Boromir so he couldn’t do the defending too. Oh well. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Is your super-eagle deck posted somewhere? I would love to see a deck list.

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