Poll Results: What is your favorite section of Hall of Beorn?

Happy BearIn our last poll, we asked everyone which sections of the Hall of Beorn were their favorite. The results are interesting, with Decks being the most popular section of the site at 62 votes. There, you can find everything from mono sphere, secrecy, alternate history, artistic inspiration decks, as well as a tributes to Bombur’s prodigious appetite.

Beorn’s Path came in a close second, with 49 votes. New players especially will appreciate this section. It walks you through the core set and Shadows of Mirkwood scenarios while building a pair of decks out of the player cards as they are available.

With 42 votes, Key Concepts is the third most popular section on the site. It includes advanced topics that can help players with deck building and game play strategies. Newer players can also benefit from the deeper analysis, but this section specifically designed for those who appreciate the deep strategy of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Custom Cards can be a somewhat divisive topic. Some players, myself included, really enjoy designing their own custom cards. Because the player card pool grows more slowly than other LCGs, many of us just can’t get enough new cards. These kind of players enjoy the opportunity to show our creativity. Other players prefer to stick to the official cards, which makes sense as well. In short, this particular category is not for everyone.

Lonely Mountain MapJ.R.R. created a rich mythological tapestry which serves as the perfect context for the events of this game. History will appeal to those who players who appreciate the more narrative and historical aspects of Tolkien’s legendarium. Many of the decks in the decks section are designed with an eye to be historically and thematically realistic, as much as possible. As the game includes scenarios which are quite difficult, some decks and strategies are more pragmatic, and focus on the best ways to win.

With a couple of podcasts, several blogs and a handful of forums, the community around this game is quite a busy place. The News section provides a brief summary of the latest happenings in the community, as well as a recap of major announcements from FFG. Important news about this blog and the Grey Company Podcast can also be found in the news section.

Recipes, Polls and Contests are lesser in terms of popularity, but they are dear to my heart. As a giant bear, I do love to eat. The only thing better than eating tasty food is teaching others how to make tasty food. I hope to have some more recipes to share with readers in the coming year. Polls are a fun way to measure the community’s interest in various topics and they help me to keep this blog fresh and relevant. Contests are a great way to give back, and there is no better feeling than giving a gift that is appreciated. I encourage readers to be on the look out for a new contest announcement, coming very soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll. The first year of The Hall of Beorn has been quite an adventure and I am excited to see what year two has in store. Make sure to vote in the latest poll if you haven’t already. As aways, we welcome your feedback, either in the comments section below or by contacting us directly: HallOfBeorn@gmail.com.

Section Votes Percentage
Decks 62 29.25%
Beorn’s Path 49 23.11%
Key Concepts 42 19.81%
Custom Cards 14 6.6%
History 12 5.66%
News 11 5.19%
Recipes 6 2.83%
Polls 6 2.83%
None – I Hate This Blog!* 6 2.83%
Contests 4 1.89%

*A very special thanks to everyone who chose this – I have a present, just for you.

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2 Responses to Poll Results: What is your favorite section of Hall of Beorn?

  1. I loved your special thanks to the people who said they hate the blog! 🙂

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