Community News – February 2014

Voice of Isengard Officially Released

Voice of IsengardAfter what was starting to feel like an interminable wait, FFG officially announced the release of the Voice of Isengard this week. The deluxe expansion kicks off the Ring-maker Cycle and introduces some interesting new mechanics for both player and encounter cards. The doomed player cards are receiving much attention, but it is Éomer and the Rohan Warhorse that has this bear excited for a new deck archetype.

The Hall of Beorn now has a copy and we eagerly await our first attempt at these new quests. The scenarios feature some very negative effects based on the number of cards in a players’ hand, and which also penalize drawing cards. It will be interesting to go back to deck design without card draw as a foundation. The designers of the game continue to keep players on their toes.

Blog Highlights

rohan-warhorseTwo new blogs have recently joined the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game community. Reader and friend of the Hall, James Phillips has created Dor Cuarthol, where he reports from the land of bow and helm. Everyone should check out his latest article, which covers action advantage and highlights two recent Rohan-themed mounts. From the lotrlcg subreddit, user SUPERrob90 has created a new blog called The White Tower Watchman. Anyone interested in seeing the Gondor trait developed will particularly enjoyed his examination of Gondor in the support role.

These blogs join a few others, which have been around a bit longer, and also deserve mention in this space. Reader Karlson has created Down the Anduin. His latest article includes two well-matched Rohan decks, so it would seem that Voice of Isengard has brought the collective attention back to the Rohirrim. Reader Liam has created a blog called Bag End. Continuing the Rohan-theme, he is currently working on a custom quest for The Battle of Helm’s Deep. Those interested in fan-made scenarios in general, or that epic battle in particular, should check it out and consider giving a hand in design or playtesting.

The Master of Lore, aided by our very own Derek from the Grey Company, has a new Hasty Strokes feature on his blog. While the in-depth articles are more thorough and thus are released less frequently, Hasty Strokes are bite-sized takes on many of the people and places from Tolkien’s legendarium. It is always great to get insight into the lore that underpins this fine game, so Hasty Strokes should be a welcome addition to the content from Master of Lore.

Ian over at Tales from the Cards has not been idle. In a topic that seems to be divisive within the community, Ian has a great article reviewing the Current State of Secrecy. Some players, myself included, really enjoy Secrecy as a strategy while others avoid it at all costs, but it will nonetheless be interesting to see its further development in the Ring-Maker cycle. In addition to an updated version of his Traps of Ithilien deck and a new Dwarven-themed deck, Tales from the Cards also has an indispensable buyers guide for Nightmare scenarios.

All of these blogs add new and interesting perspectives to the community and I look forward to what they have in store for the future. Keep up the good work, everyone. If anyone else would like their blog highlighted here, leave a comment or feel free to contact the hall directly:

The Grey Company: Episode 6 – Deck Building Part Two

Grey Company Logo smallThe Grey Company is proud to announce that we recently released our sixth episode. In this our second episode about deck building, we focused on the challenges of building decks for multi-player games. Where a solo deck needs to be more of a Jack-of-all-Trades, this episode covered the possibility of making multiple decks which cover one another’s weaknesses.  Discussion also touched on some interesting and seldom-used cards like Renewed Friendship. We also debated the pros and cons of Bilbo Baggins vs. Beravor for card draw and the advantage of global effects in multi-player games.

We are always interested in hearing from our listeners and are open to ideas for future episodes. For anyone with questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or via email. Now that the Voice of Isengard is available, you can look forward to our next episode which should cover this new expansion in greater detail.

Cardboard of the Rings: Episode 56 – I Love Secrecy

CotRCardboard of the Rings recently released their 56th episode, with some interesting discussions of the recently spoiled cards. Two new co-hosts, Etienne and Sean, were introduced as permanent members of the show. After covering the news, the Cardboard of the Rings crew went through a spirited round-table of their favorite quests that includes some of the games great scenarios. As always, this was an entertaining and enlightening episode from the guys and everyone is encouraged to check it out.

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