The Grey Company Podcast – Episode 2

happy bear

The Hall of Beorn is pleased to announce the release of the second episode of The Grey Company Podcast. Our intrepid party of Lord of the Rings LCG aficionados is discussing a subject of vital importance: deck building. This is part of an ongoing series, so if there is anything that you would like to hear us cover, or any topic which was covered but you would like to hear more in-depth coverage, please let us know. Thanks again to everyone for all of the positive feedback on the podcast, it is a blast to make and we hope that you all enjoy listening!

In other news, the Kickstarter for our friends over at Go7 Gaming is now live. We heartily encourage anyone who is interested in custom tokens and storage solutions to show them your support! For more information, you can also check out their web site.

With the holidays upon us, everyone is no doubt very busy. To make it easier for everyone to enter our latest contest, the deadline will be extended one week, to Friday December 6th at midnight CST. If you have not already submitted your favorite Lord of the Rings-related story, joke, or poem, you should head over to the comments and add your contribution! The winner will receive a free copy of The Morgul Vale, shipped anywhere in the world by express Eagle delivery.

The Hall of Beorn wants to extend a warm-hearted Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating this fine holiday. An entire day dedicated to eating, and drinking, and naps, and telling stories with family? Why, this bear is going to be in heaven!

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4 Responses to The Grey Company Podcast – Episode 2

  1. chibipaul says:

    Re Kickstart
    ooo shiney Pandemic viruses
    Nice LOTR LCG storage

    Add $50 for worldwide delivery
    Erm…. thanks but no thanks lol

    • Beorn says:

      Oh man, I didn’t spot that important detail. That’s too bad.

      • chibipaul says:

        It is a serious problem with crowd funding
        It is usually about £15 to deliver outside of North America Yesterday I saw one at £20
        but this is by far the biggest charge.

        It seemed to apply to all pledges irrespective of the item. There is a notice admitting that the charges are high due too the size of the package, so it could be an error for lower pledges, such as tokens.

  2. Bobby says:

    Hey guys, we have added an additional pledge tier for tokens only. $25 shipping.

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