News: November 2013

After being away on adventures in the Anduin Valley, I have returned to find my animal companions awaiting me with the latest community news:

The Morgul Vale Released

box-MEC23-rightOn Friday, FFG announced the release of the sixth and final Adventure Pack in the Against the Shadow cycle, The Morgul Vale. Featuring the long-awaited arrival of Theoden as a hero, this pack includes some other powerful player cards, including some much-sought after support for the Gondor trait. With a dramatic confrontation against the Nazgûl of Minas Morgul, the quest looks to be a fitting finale to the story that was started with Heirs of Númenor. The Morgul Vale should be available at local retailers in the coming days.

With the Against the Shadow cycle officially complete, we all look forward with great anticipation to the Voice of Isengard deluxe expansion that was announced earlier in the year at GenCon 2013. This expansion will include a powerful ally version of Saruman and the first player cards to include the doomed keyword.

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game – Online Quest Companion

The One Ring Expansion SymbolBoard Game Geek member banania has created a fantastic resource for playing our beloved game. The Online Quest Companion is an invaluable compilation of everything a player needs to play each official scenario in the game. Included are Rules Sheets, Keyword and Rules definitions, Difficulty Ratings, Errata and any other relevant information required to play a scenario. He also details which Encounter sets are used for Easy Mode, Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode (where applicable), so building and playing your favorite quest is a snap. Not only is this resource a great addition to the community, but it the user interface is elegant and easy to use. I heartily encourage everyone to check it out.

Go7 Gaming Supplies

LCG-001-1024-300x225A reader of the blog, Bobby Griggs has a gaming supply company called Go7 Gaming that has some great products that might be of interest to any LCG game player. They have everything from card storage solutions to custom tokens and markers.

I’ve had a chance to try out their custom made Game Box Insert and it works like a charm for LotR (and any other FFG LCG). The high-quality wooden insert slips right into your Core Set box and allows you to easily and safely hold your collection. The adjustable dividers mean that you can keep all of your cards organized as you purchase new expansions. For anyone seeking a more complete storage solution, I give this product two paws up.

Cardboard of the Rings Episode #52 – Two Sides to Every Hero

CotRCardboard of the Rings has another great episode available. Brandon, Brian and Jared review the player cards from The Blood of Gondor, including some analysis of the still-nascent Gondor and Rohan synergies that we all hope to see further developed. After that discussion, they move on to some interesting speculation about what heroes we can expect in the upcoming expansions and cycle. All and all, another very entertaining episode from the CotR crew that should not be missed.

The Grey Company Episode #1 – Outlands

Grey Company Logo smallAs previously mentioned in this space, The Grey Company Podcast has just released our first full episode. In this episode we took an in-depth look at the Outlands deck archetype. Not only did we discuss at length our impressions of the trait mechanically, but also the impact that these powerful decks is having on the meta-game. Finally we even covered some unique decks that we built, to try and bring a fresh perspective to what can be a fairly one-dimensional bunch of cards.

The Hall of Beorn wants to extend a personal thanks to Derek, Ian and Matthew; it is a privilege to be able to participate in this new endeavor and I look forward to all that we do in the future. I also want to acknowledge everyone who has supported us on our blog and Facebook page; we appreciate that you have helped the Podcast to be successful from our inception. We welcome all of your feedback and input and aim to be an invaluable resource to each and every one of you. The fantastic community is truly one of the most underrated aspects of this game.

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1 Response to News: November 2013

  1. Tonskillitis says:

    OMG. Very excited about the new player cards in the Morgul Vale. Some of the most powerful Gondor/Rohan cards we have seen. Looking forward to trying whole new deck archetypes that are made viable by these cards. Keep up the good work with the grey company and high quality discussions of the metagame. You encouraged me to try an interesting low threat mono leadership Outlands deck. I almost enjoy playing with this deck. Way to go Outlands! Long live Forlong the Fat!

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