Poll Results: Favorite Core Set or Shadows of Mirkwood Scenario

Beorn in a Raft

As is painfully obvious, bears do not belong in rafts. When I take a Journey Along the Anduin, I prefer to use my own four paws.

Just before GenCon, we had a poll asking everyone’s favorite scenario from the Core Set or Shadows of Mirkwood cycle. Due to a clerical error [editor’s note: mead may have been involved], the poll results were never posted. To borrow a phrase from our dear friend Gandalf, a bear is never late, nor is he early. His posts arrive precisely when they are meant to.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to my trusty readers, but Conflict at the Carrock is my favorite of the scenarios from the Core Set and the first cycle Adventure Pack cycle. Not only does it take place in my very back yard, at the Carrock, but it features my second favorite past time: troll-slaying.

Even though my favorite didn’t win, I’m quite happy with the outcome of the poll. Journey Along the Anduin received a full 38% of the vote and its popularity is well-deserved. Another scenario which prominently features troll-slaying, the journey has a great mix of threat-management, combat, questing and some nasty treacheries to keep you on your toes. This was one of the first scenarios to really showcase the variety and depth of strategy available in the game. The other scenarios in the mix receive a fair number of votes, which is also a welcome sight. It is always a good sign when different kinds of players can find enjoyment in a game, for different reasons.

Not every scenario is beloved, however. Escape from Dol Guldur is the runt of the litter, which comes as very little surprise. Solo, this scenario remains almost unbeatable without some luck on the setup, and even multiplayer it can be wildly inconsistent. The theme is fun, but ultimately Escape from Dol Guldur is not one of the more popular quests, because of its punitive nature.

On the other hand, it was interesting to see just how many players really enjoyed A Journey To Rhosgobel. While it possesses a unique and thematic structure, it does require a very particular kind of deck, or some tremendous luck with objective cards. This scenario seems to fall into the love-it-or-hate it category. I myself really enjoy rescuing Wilyador, I just make sure to bring some herbs and elf-lore along for the journey.

For those who desire more detail, each of these scenarios has been covered in depth, for the recently-completed Beorn’s Path series. Below are listed the complete poll results, in order of popularity. Thanks again to everyone who voted and look for a new poll to be posted (and the current poll closed) in short order. Safe travels!

Scenario Votes
Journey Along the Anduin 38%
Conflict at the Carrock 15%
Return to Mirkwood 9%
Passage through Mirkwood 8%
A Journey to Rhosgobel 8%
The Hunt for Gollum 7%
The Hills of Emyn Muil 6%
Escape from Dol Guldur 5%
The Dead Marshes 5%
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