Contest Winner: Most Underrated Hero


As occupations go, troll-slaying is not bad, but trolls never seem to come alone. They always travel in groups, and they seem to have all been waiting until after GenCon to show up at my doorstep. So I must first of all give my most sincere apologies to you readers for my recent inactivity here. Things look to be slowing down soon, and I can get back to a more consistent schedule of articles.

In the mean time, I am very pleased to announce the winner of the contest for Most Underrated Hero. Readers were asked to make an argument for their favorite overlooked and underappreciated hero, and there were many great submissions. While the decision was a difficult one, my favorite answer was comment was one made by Whitman. Rather than go the traditional rhetorical route, Whitman’s case for Bombur as his favorite underrated hero has an appropriate narrative feel. Here is just a part of his fantastic comment:

“You told me Bombur would count for two dwarves,” Thorin continued. “Well he might eat for two, and he certainly makes as much as noise as two very noisy dwarves, but he is otherwise entirely useless. Fat and useless.”
“Fat and under-appreciated, perhaps,” Gandalf said, before drawing deep on his pipe. “Must I remind you of his qualities?”

So, congratulations to you, Whitman, you are the winner of the latest adventure pack, The Blood of Gondor, before it even goes on sale! Please leave a comment below so that we can communicate about shipping. Thanks again to everyone who entered, and also for your patience as we deal with this silly troll menace. Things should be back to normal here at the Hall of Beorn in no time at all.

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5 Responses to Contest Winner: Most Underrated Hero

  1. Michael (Zwerg) says:

    A very witty case for Bumbur and well-deserved win. Congratulations!

    To Beorn or somebody else with the pack, could you please tell me whether the encounter set includes a Henneth Annun location?

  2. Whitman says:

    Thanks, Beorn! Glad you enjoyed reading my argument as much as I enjoyed writing it!

  3. heavykaragh says:

    Contratulations Whitman! Great post! This should go into a “The best of The Lord of the Rings LCG fan stuff”.

  4. speedy says:

    Congratulations to Whitman. When I saw your post, I immediately knew, that you are closest to victory 😉

  5. Glowwyrm says:

    Agreed. Well done Whitman!

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