Contest: Create a Beorning

ImageHere at The Hall of Beorn we love to give back to the community. It just so happens that, due to some miscommunication in the eagle postal service, we have an extra copy of the latest Adventure Pack in the Against the Shadow cycle: The Drúadan Forest. Rather than let it collect dust on a shelf, we will give it away to one lucky reader!

The rules are simple: create a custom card of a Beorning character. It can be a different version of yours truly, Beorn, or my son Grimbeorn, or an entirely new creation. The only rule is that it must be a hero or ally with the Beorning trait. We will be picking our five favorite entries and they will comprise the next poll so that everyone can vote on the best of the best.

Entries can be posted in the comments here, or emailed to The winner will receive a free copy of The Drúadan Forest shipped anywhere in the world by express eagle delivery (we will pay shipping). The deadline for submissions is one week from today, Tuesday June 11th by 11:59 PM CST (USA).

DISCLAIMER: The contest is open to everyone with the exception of Orcs, Goblins, Wargs, Trolls, Fell Beasts, Balrogs, Dragons, Wyrms, Spawn of Ungoliant, Southrons, Swarthy Haradrim, Black Númenóreans, and other agents of Sauron or their representatives.

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7 Responses to Contest: Create a Beorning

  1. Landroval says:

    Beorning Cub
    Whilst Beorning Cub has no damage on him, deal one damage to each enemy as it is revealed from the encounter deck.

  2. scwont says:

    Beorning Baker
    Ally; Lore; cost 4
    Action: Discard Beorning Baker from play to heal 1 damage from each character.

  3. Hastur360 says:

    Animal Servants
    Ally; Tactics; Cost 2
    W:1 , A:1, D:1, W:1

    Traits: Creature. Beorning.

    Response: When a character exhausts attach Animal Servants to that character as an attachment.

    This card may attach to Beorn, ignoring his card text.

    Action: Exhaust Animal Servants, you may remove a wound from attached character and gain a resource on a hero you control.

  4. dmark312 says:

    Anduin Vale Guardian
    Tactics Ally Cost 4
    1 W
    2 A
    2 D
    3 HP

    Response: After an Orc or Creature enemy engages you, exhaust Anduin Vale Guardian to deal it 1 damage.

    Reduce the cost to play Beorning and Creature allies from your hand by 1.

    and my custom card image:

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