Poll Results: Most Wanted Attachment

Lembas (1)During my recent adventures fighting (corporate) trolls in the Misty Mountains, the latest poll has sat sadly idle. It’s high time to close the poll and tally the results. This poll asked which attachments players most wanted to see – specifically items, weapons and armor which have been prominently featured in the Lord of the Rings but have yet to be included in any official release.

Readers may recall a recent test of this bear’s nacent skills with Strange Eons to create custom cards for each of these attachments. Since this poll was created, FFG has announced the release of the first of a series of saga expansions based on the Lord of the Rings. This means that we won’t have to dream up our own designs for much longer. Now, we can now look forward to many of these attachments finally being included in official expansions.

Interestingly, Lembas was the attachment that voters most wanted to see printed. The elven waybread that allows the fellowship to hike untold miles without rest proved to be even more popular than other well-known items. Aragorn’s sword, Andúril, and the shields used by the Rohirrim both proved very popular with voters as well. In general, it is important for deck diversity to see more weapons and armor that can be used by characters other than just dwarves and elves.

On the lighter side, Elf-Friend is a fun idea that would lead to some interesting decks. The title lets a non-elf hero use attachments and events that are normally reserved for Silvan and Noldor characters. On the other end of the spectrum, Hasufel, did not prove as popular with voters. This is certainly understandable as the horse that Eomer gives Aragorn by way of apology for the presumed deaths of Merry and Pippin is barely mentioned in the story. Regardless, I for one am hoping that more unique mounts are printed as I find them intriguing both thematically and strategically.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and you are all encouraged to take a look at the latest poll. Without further ado, here are all of the results:

Lembas (Item): 27%

Andúril (Weapon): 23%

Shield of Rohan (Armor): 23%

Elf-Friend (Title): 18%

Hasufel (Mount): 7%

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3 Responses to Poll Results: Most Wanted Attachment

  1. Zalrus9 says:

    Isn’t Cram Lembas Bread? I thought that’s what the Dwarves called it, so I guess that means we already have it!

  2. Beorn says:

    Cram is actually hardtack that the people of Esgaroth (Lake-Town) gave to Bilbo and the Dwarves in The Hobbit. Lembas, on the other hand, is Elven Waybread given to the fellowship by the Galadhrim when they visit Lothlorien in The Lord of the Rings. Suffice it to say, Lembas is of a much finer quality than Cram.

  3. greg says:

    4 (or 5) cost neutral, unique
    Standard of Gondor: If Each hero you control has the Gondor trait attatch to hero.
    Quest action: exhaust standard of gondor and attached hero to add 1 willpower to each questing character with printed warrior trait. (or attack / defense if counted towards battle /siege questing)

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