Custom Cards: Most Wanted Attachments

So, I finally got off my furry butt and learned how to use Strange Eons to create custom cards. With my massive paws it’s really hard to use a mouse, so these may not be the best looking cards ever created, but they’re not bad for a first attempt. Since the current poll asks what attachment everyone most wants to see, I decided to go ahead and create custom cards for each of the proposed cards. I hope that you all enjoy them, and if not, I promise to give everyone their money back.






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9 Responses to Custom Cards: Most Wanted Attachments

  1. hendersondayton says:

    I Love the idea of the Hasufel card…the thought of no treachery effects is great…it would be awesome to get several cards like this to be used by a few rohan characters who are all essentially “mounted” and get the same benefit. Would be like riding out to meet a group of Uruk Hai

  2. TalesfromtheCards says:

    I like your new ideas for mitigating treacheries (selective character immunity and removing them from the discard pile). I’ve been trying to think of ways that the game can provide more ways of dealing with treacheries beyond A Test of Will and I like what you came up with. Anduril would be an amazing weapon, it’s probably worth 8 resources!

    • Beorn says:

      Yeah, I may have gone overboard with Anduril. I wanted it to be powerful, as it really did seem to make Aragorn almost invincible in the books. I added the limitation of non-unique so that at least you couldn’t kill boss enemies with it. I like the epic aspects of Tolkien, and if anything should be epic, the sword that cut the ring from Sauron’s hand fits the bill. Still, I do sympathize with the game designers, it is not easy to strike that balance between fun and broken.

      • TalesfromtheCards says:

        I know what you mean, it’s pretty difficult to find a good balance when designing cards or even custom scenarios. So that’s why I have respect for the designers as well. Still, I wouldn’t mind taking Anduril into battle against those Nightmare scenarios!

  3. TalesfromtheCards says:

    Also, now that you are in the custom card biz, I expect to see animal waiter ally cards. They serve up honey, bread…and pain.

  4. Hey man, you gonna write on this blog any more? It’s been over a month 😦

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, I have a deck that includes some of the new cards from The Steward’s Fear that should be posted today or tomorrow. I recently joined a startup and have been working crazy hours, so this blog has taken a back seat. I understand that everyone loves new content on a consistent basis, but sometimes real life has its own designs on our free time. Hopefully things will slow down, and I can get back to a schedule posting a few updates a week. In the mean time, Ian over at Tales from the Cards is writing some great articles:

      • Yea, I totally understand the increasing work time and lowering your blog time. I just recently did that for my blog ( I just wanted to make sure you didn’t disappear and that you were planning on getting back into it. I love your stuff and thankfully TftC has had content often enough that I haven’t gotten too bored.

        Anyway, looking forward to hearing more from you!

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