Poll Results: How do you play the game?

Another poll is closed, and it’s time to tally results. This time around, I was curious to see how everyone enjoys the game. Since the game works for everything from solo play to epic 4-player games, I wanted to see how my readers prefer to play. Also, with the availability of online play, I wanted to get a sense of how many players prefer a virtual experience to physically sitting at a tabletop and playing with cards.

two-bears-splashingPersonally, I play several different ways, depending on the circumstances. For testing new decks, and trying different strategies, I prefer to play solo on the tabletop. This makes it easy to switch out cards and there is something visceral about shuffling and playing with actual cards that really appeals to me.

As a bear, I am wary of technology, but with the help of other friendly members of the community, I have been learning how to use OCTGN to play Lord of the Rings: The Card Game online. Appropriately enough for a cooperative game, my favorite way to play the game is in person, with other players. Mrs. Beorn and I love nothing more than to sit down at the kitchen table and go on an adventure through Middle-Earth.

The results of this poll turned out to be pretty interesting. Almost half of readers who voted play solo on the tabletop and another 20% play with another player. For online play, there is a good-sized contingent, with almost 8% of voters enjoying solo play on their magical computing machines. I was also excited to see that 5% of voters play 3 or 4 player games. I really enjoy playing the game with many people, though I don’t often have the opportunity. Overall, I was expecting to see more online play, given the convenience of not having to create encounter decks, and niceties like the deck builder tool. I suspect that the online community will grow as the tools improve. Just recently a new version of LotR for OCTGN was released, with many great features to make the gameplay flow more naturally.

Here are the voting results:

Solo with 1 Deck (Tabletop): 45%
2 Players (Tabletop): 20%
Solo with 2 Decks (Tabletop): 16%
Solo with 1 Deck (Online): 7%
3-4 Players (Tabletop): 5%
2 Players (Online): 4%
Solo with 2 Decks (Online): 1%

However you enjoy this great game, thanks to everyone who voted, and may your journeys in Middle-Earth be filled with joy and wonder!

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3 Responses to Poll Results: How do you play the game?

  1. shipprekk says:

    Interesting results!

    Like you, it’s contextual. I very, very much prefer to play live but sometimes, as has been discussed on COTR, the ease of playing online is too much to resist.

  2. hendersondayton says:

    for me, online is the way to go solo. The ease of keeping track of the current turn, WP and Threat (for questing) is just easier. The biggest benefit of playing OCTGN is managing the deck. I can build decks on the fly. I can take pre-made decks in seconds…with the cards, I waste so much time finding cards, making the deck I want, and then putting them back for the next time. With 3 kids under 7 and a wife I like to spend time with, I just want to sit down and play…not waste all the logistical time.

  3. Beorn says:

    Derek and Matt, I hear both of you guys on the ease of online play. I’m glad to see all of the improvements to OCTGN to emphasize this advantage. That said, I’m a little old school, and there is something about playing a game with physical cards that really appeals to me. It’s nice being able to do both, and when I get to GenCon I am definitely looking forward to playing with friends, on a tabletop.

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