New Lord of the Rings LCG Blog: Master of Lore

I am excited to announce that a fellow fan as started a new Lord of the Rings LCG blog called Master of Lore. I encourage all of my readers to give it a look, particularly those many who appreciate the thematic aspects of the game, and how it captures the rich beauty of Tolkien’s legendarium. Rather than try to describe this new blog, I will let it speak for itself in this great quote from the first post:

this blog is dedicated to a quest of … examining the “aesthetic and philosophical significance” that underlies Tolkien’s tales

So go check it out, and help me in welcoming the newest member of our community!

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7 Responses to New Lord of the Rings LCG Blog: Master of Lore

  1. wlk says:

    “ is no longer available.
    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”
    Really ?

    • 😦
      Yes, WordPress must have thought that I was just a corporate shill trying to huck the game. While I did post links to the Fantasy Flight website (as well as sites for a book mentioned in the post) I didn’t think my post was a commercial so now I’ll have to wait and see what they make of my response.

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome! I hoped you’d have a wooden drinking bowl of mead waiting for me and you didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, my blog was shut down by WordPress because they thought I was violating their advertising policy. I’ve replied with an appeal so hopefully it will be back up before morning. Until then, happy hunting.

  3. shipprekk says:

    Good luck getting it back up! I should be very excited to read a blog tying the lore elements to the cards.

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