Poll Results: Which Play Style(s) Are You?

If you recall in my article about play style, I presented archetypes to represent what different players appreciate most about the game. I was curious to get an idea of the play styles of readers of this site, so that was the subject of the latest poll. Well, the results are in, and the poll is closed.

Over 40% of those who voted identify their play style as including a focus on the thematic elements of the game. With such a fantastic setting as Middle-Earth this makes a lot of sense. The mechanics of the game are fun, and it is challenging and enjoyable, whether played solo or in a group, but it is the setting and theme that really sets this game apart.

Each player is not limited to a single style of play, and this is reflected in the voting, as many people voted for multiple styles. Beyond those who voted for the thematic, or Galadriel, style of play, it is also good to see a fairly even mix of other play styles represented. The power-focused play styles of Boromir stands about even with the cooperative and more fun-focused styles of Sam and Merry.

The only play style that sees less representation is that of Gimli, or friendly competition. I suspect that this is because keeping score is something that appeals mainly to a subset of solo players. All in all, it is a testament to what a great game Lord of the Rings LCG is, that it can support such a wide variety of play styles.

Here are the breakdowns, and thanks to everyone who voted.

Galadriel (Theme): 41%

Sam (Cooperation): 20%

Boromir (Power): 16%

Merry (Fun): 16%

Gimli (Competition): 4%

fellowship of the ring 3078x1963

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