Poll Results: Most Wanted Hero Card

So the polls are closed, and the most wanted hero card is:

Galadriel, the lady of Lothlórien!


As one of the oldest, and wisest beings in Middle-Earth, Galadriel is a very important character in Tolkien’s legendarium. She is the only character (with apologies to Círdan) who plays a prominent role in all three of the major ages of Middle Earth. Indeed, before the first age ever dawned and men had yet to walk the face of Arda, Galadriel helped shape history. She was one of the leaders of the Noldor rebellion that lead to the elves being exiled from Valinor and essentially abandoned in Middle-Earth for thousands of years.

We have already seen the incredible strength of heroes like Elrond and his elven ring of power, Vilya. One can only imagine what abilities might be possessed by a Galadriel hero, or her ring of Adamant, Nenya. Given that Galadriel is described as having the ability to read the minds of others, even Sauron, I am hoping that she has some kind of scrying or other card manipulation ability.

As for her ring of power, it is described as having the power of protection and preservation.  This is indeed why Lothlórien is able to resist the forces of Sauron and, up until the destruction of the one ring, remains one of the last safe havens in Middle-Earth. I am hoping that this translates into some kind of encounter card cancellation effect. After seeing the sheer brutality of some of the treacheries introduced in the Heirs of Númenor, I would love to see an anti-surge or anti-doomed type effect on a player card.

Here then, are the results of the poll. Thanks to everyone who voted, and may the upcoming Against the Shadow cycle give us all what we want!

Most wanted hero card:

1. Galadriel (Noldor) – 36%

2. Faramir (Gondor) – 25%

3. Samwise Gamgee (Hobbit) – 11%

3. Halbarad (Dunedain) – 11%

5. Éomer (Rohan) – 8%

6. Théoden (Rohan) – 5%

7. Celeborn (Sindarin) – 2%

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2 Responses to Poll Results: Most Wanted Hero Card

  1. shipprekk says:

    I’d like to see as her as the Dain/Boromir of the Elves. If anyone fits the bill it’s her. “All Silvan and Noldor characters get +1[will]” and then whatever awesomeness comes from Nenya.

  2. Ecthelion III says:

    All of these are now released as heroes!

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