Deck: Secrets of Erebor 2

I’ve taken it as a challenge to try and make a Dwarf secrecy/encounter manipulation deck. Here is my second attempt. The biggest change from the first version of the deck was to make room for Gandalf, two from the Core set and on from the first Hobbit expansion. The former is great for the versatility, the later is tremendous when coupled with the low threat of secrecy. I also removed some of the attachments for more copies of Lure of Moria and a couple of Sneak Attacks. I’m sure that this will require further tweaking, but I am interested to see if it is possible to make this deck viable.

Secrets of Erebor 2


Allies: 24
Attachments: 8
Events: 18
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2 Responses to Deck: Secrets of Erebor 2

  1. pbch says:

    only 2 heroes?

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, since this is a secrecy deck with few ways to lower the threat, I wanted to start the threat well below 21 to ensure a few turns to play the secrecy cards. The most important secrecy card is Resourceful because it allows the deck to generate more resources and offset having one fewer hero. Gloin is also good at generating resources, and along with cards like Timely Aid, it should be possible to get your allies out very quickly with this deck. Just like the first Secrets of Erebor deck, this deck will probably work better as a support deck, especially if the other deck uses Dain Ironfoot.

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